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My Last Friday

My Last Friday is a first person horror-adventure game with a haunting dark story, clever puzzles and combat.

“It will be over soon, I promise.” Definitely not the most encouraging words from someone who is about to lock you inside a bathroom of an abandoned house. Howard must escape but it won’t be easy because the world around him is nothing like what it used to be. His journey will lead him through bizarre disturbing places filled with gruesome creatures and weird characters. As he starts to uncover his role in this story it becomes more clear that leaving behind this living nightmare will be even harder than it originally seemed.


  • CLEVER PUZZLES: Some puzzles change depending on chosen difficulty

  • CHOICE-BASED DIALOGUE: Dialogue (to get clues and story hints) changes depending on context and choice

  • UNIQUE HANDCRAFTED MONSTERS: Forget the boring zombies―these monsters are designed with love and care to grant you memorable moments every time you meet one.

  • DETAILED ENVIRONMENTS AND TERRIFYING ATMOSPHERE: Filled with blood, gore, and a bit of dark humor

  • COMBAT: Because the only good monster is a dead monster.



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