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Bloody Downsizing

Outlast waves of enemies in Bloody Downsizing, a rogue-lite arena shooter set in a corporate dystopia. Choose a profile, upgrade & use slow-mo for epic kills.

Fight for survival in the corporate dystopia of Bloody Downsizing. A rogue-lite arena shooter where every round is unique. Choose your profile, upgrade your character, and arm yourself with a powerful weapon to fend off waves of merciless enemies. Master the game's slow-motion feature to gain a strategic advantage, and make every kill a cinematic spectacle. Will you be the last one standing or will you become another statistic and fall victim to the brutal downsizing?


  • Intense, fast-paced rogue-lite arena gameplay with an emphasis on visceral, bloody combat

  • A variety of unique profiles to choose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses

  • An upgrade system that allows players to improve their character and acquire powerful weapons

  • Blood effect that stays visible for a longer time, adding an extra level of realism and immersion



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Bloody Downsizing Screenshot 2
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Bloody Downsizing Screenshot 5
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